Artist Consultations

Our goal at Checkered Owl Media is to help bands and artists take their next creative step. Depending where you are in your career, this can look very different. With that in mind we have developed a 3 stage approach to our management & development.

Artist Consultations

Most young bands aren’t in a place where they need a manager. They often do however need help and advice. To fill this gap Checkered Owl offers artist consultations on an hourly rate. If you are in the place where you need help kicking things up to the next level but not yet ready to sign a manager this may be for you. We can give advice on touring, recording, marketing, social media and the day to day of being in a band.

Artist consultations are available via Skype or in person if schedules can be arranged!

Artist Development Deals

With our development packages, we create a custom package for your band to help give you the tools to grow. Frequently this involves upping your social media game, helping design and enhance websites, giving tools for booking. adding some new video content to your arsenal and more.

These deals are always completely custom making sure to give you just what you need to move forward!

Artist Management


When artists are really ready to make a push for the top, we talk about management. Keep in mind management is a major commitment and we believe the artist/manager relationship has to be a perfect fit to really work well! We work with our artists on every aspect of their career as well as risking our reputation with theirs. If you feel you are ready for this kind of investment, feel free to reach out with two of your best videos and/or streaming links as well as a couple press clippings and we can talk more!

Contact for more information.